Sunday, March 20, 2011

iomega iconnect as eco server

I'm sysadmin for many years and I had always my "private" server. My last one in my home was Epia VIA600 Mhz based powered by FreeBSD. Unfortunatelly after my father visit who accidently remove power cord using his foot (still don't know what he was doing behind my desk :) ) board was gone.

I decided to build new one, but this time I was looking for something more eco-friendly and less noisy since my "home server" is in my main room (technical wire obstacles). After some digging I found SheevaPlug. That was almost perfect. Only problem is that it is not avialable in Poland and I had realy bad experience with Polish Post Office, so buying it outside Poland was last resort.

Then I found this ( webpage. Segate Dockstar and Iomega iConnect are avialable in Poland :) I choose iConnect because it have 802.11n WiFi card (ralink RT3090) and more RAM (256MB). I was afraid that install might be problematic because there is not many webpages discussing Linux installation on iConnect but I was open to try.

I had some experience with embedded hardware in past so that was not so hard, however there are some issues I would like to share with you on my next post about Debian installation on iConnect.

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